Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thing#5, Explore Flickr

The Return of Roy G Biv
Originally uploaded by TW Collins

I've discovered flickr!

I had to watch the clock and really limit my exploration time because I had so much fun seeing the images people have uploaded. Here are lots of creative people that are willing to share their images.

I posted this right from flickr by clicking on the "blog this" above the image. It made it very easy to post. I only had to create a flickr account and give permission for flickr to work with my blogger account.

It made giving the attribution to the artist easy. It did it automatically. I think I'll post one of my own images next.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thing #4: Register and Join the Party

I've registered my blog. Have you?

By 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 21, 2008, 158 blogs were registered as part of Learn & Play @ CML. It's great that so many staff are playing around with the 23 things. Was it hard to create your blog?

Over lunch on Tuesday, I was chatting with some friends about blogging. We were talking about the good and the bad. I read a lot of blogs (to be honest, I scan many of them) and post comments on a few.

What makes a good blog? I saw this post that came up in my RSS feeds and I wanted to link to it. Merlin Mann answers the question "what makes for a good blog" and shares his list of 9 things. Merlin does a nice job of summarizing key points. I do like his number 2, "Good blogs reflect focused obsessions." I understand completely. I knit. I'm amazed at how many knitting bloggers are out there! It's the knitting we have in common. It's the blogs that have given us and opportunity to share our obsession and help each other.

Thing #3 Create a Blog

I admit, this isn't the first blog that I've ever created. I'm rather fond of the Common Craft: In Plain English videos. They do a great job of helping to increase my understanding of a variety of things in less than three minutes.

I've used blogger, livejournal and typepad previously and like the convenience of blogger. Typepad wasn't free so i didn't stay with it very long. :)

Blogging isn't for everyone. By that I mean, not everyone wants to spend time making posts on a blog. It can seem like work to some people, including me. What I like about blogging is the ability to read about what other people are experiencing or thinking about. I imagine there is a blog about anything out there. Some blogs are private and act as an electronic diary. This would be a great way to keep thoughts together on the web so they can be accessed from anywhere.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thing #2 Lifelong Learning

Easiest for me:
Habit 7: Teach/Mentor others. I find it exciting to share how to do new things. I like better when I see someone "get it" as they are trying to learn something new. Laughter and humor help make me feel comfortable to do something that I've never done before.

Hardest for me:
Habit 1: Begin with the end in mind. This part is planning. When it comes to my "learning" I need to take the time to really understand what it will look like when I've learned that new skills/concept/whatever. This takes time to fully understand and I don't make the time to do that important planning. I'm glad we're doing the Learn & Play @ CML because that planning has been done and I'll be able to learn about the Web 2.0 stuff that I've not fully discovered.

Thoughts about the 7 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners
I think Lori Reed is excellent. I follow her blog. (and tweets)
The many ways we learn include formal and informal methods. Art Vandelay posted this link to an illustration that gives an example of these methods.
Lifelong Learning is attitudinal. And if I'm honest, sometimes my attitude doesn't make it easy for me to be open to learning. I'll get frustrated and it stops being fun and becomes work that is not rewarding. I like hard work that is rewarding and find it invigorating.

Hey, that wasn't so bad to complete thing #2.

Thing #1 "Read This Blog"

Thing #1
I read the blog post and have reviewed the FAQ's. I think I have all my questions answered and know if I have others, I can ask.

I had someone ask me a question today and I was happy to answer their question! I enjoy helping other people.

I'm glad so many people are excited to play around and learn about how to be a lifelong learner.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Learn & Play kick off

I had a really great day at work, thanks to Michael Stephens and the CML staff.

Michael presented a shorter version of his talk "The Hyperlinked Library."

Then, we kicked off Learn & Play @ CML with sharing that staff can play at work to complete 23 discovery exercises to learn about Web 2.0 technology. When staff complete these 23 things, we get 1Gb flash drive and entered into a raffle for some really great prizes.

Now, I'm off for a good night's sleep so I can work on thing #1 tomorrow.