Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Learn & Play kick off

I had a really great day at work, thanks to Michael Stephens and the CML staff.

Michael presented a shorter version of his talk "The Hyperlinked Library."

Then, we kicked off Learn & Play @ CML with sharing that staff can play at work to complete 23 discovery exercises to learn about Web 2.0 technology. When staff complete these 23 things, we get 1Gb flash drive and entered into a raffle for some really great prizes.

Now, I'm off for a good night's sleep so I can work on thing #1 tomorrow.


ThunderChyld said...

Oh okay, you have not only gotten me interested in this, but I am already participating, (as if you didn't expect it). This will be a lot of fun!


HockeyT said...

I really enjoyed the presentation today as well. I would really like to see him again.

I have to admit that I found a p-touch label on our free stickers for kids that said "one sticker only, please give each child only one sticker" I was so glad that I could remove the sticker before anyone had a chance to come in and take a picture of it. Wouldn't want Karl Road to be the laughing stock!!