Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thing #3 Create a Blog

I admit, this isn't the first blog that I've ever created. I'm rather fond of the Common Craft: In Plain English videos. They do a great job of helping to increase my understanding of a variety of things in less than three minutes.

I've used blogger, livejournal and typepad previously and like the convenience of blogger. Typepad wasn't free so i didn't stay with it very long. :)

Blogging isn't for everyone. By that I mean, not everyone wants to spend time making posts on a blog. It can seem like work to some people, including me. What I like about blogging is the ability to read about what other people are experiencing or thinking about. I imagine there is a blog about anything out there. Some blogs are private and act as an electronic diary. This would be a great way to keep thoughts together on the web so they can be accessed from anywhere.

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