Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thing#20: YouTube

I like YouTube. It's easy to upload, fun to explore videos and useful in finding "how to" information. I do have to be careful because YouTube can take up a lot of my time. Type in a topic and sure enough, there is a video about it!

I've set up a YouTube account for the Learn & Play videos. It was so easy to use! Uploading and embedding videos took no time at all. I also like that I can subscribe to specific people's videos, highlight some videos as favorite and send videos to my subscribers. It's very easy to do.

I think video hosting is a great opportunities for libraries. I think that "just-in-time" training could be created and made available for staff and customers. Imagine taking the great resource of a staff member talking about some of our premium resources, putting it on film and adding the link right to the page to answer some FAQs that would enhance the user experience. Customers are accessing the website 24/7 and some people just like to find their own information. I think making a simple video that is less than 2 minutes long would really easy and reach more people. Not everyone wants to read long instructions. Some are audio learners.

I think having video storytime could be another way to reach more children and parents. I imagine a site that parents can go to and click on some videos to entertain and educate their children. We have amazing library staff would would do a great video storytime.

Other libraries are already using YouTube to promote some of their services. We should do this! The Allen County Public Library posts videos. They even have a video about the Children's Services Area. I bet we could do one that was even better!

I've embedded videos before and find it rather easy. I'll embed a video that is one of my favorite flashback videos. Remember when MTV actually played videos? This video was one of my favorites.

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