Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thing#23: Thoughts about Learn & Play

What a great experience this has been! I share a few simple thoughts.
  • Michael Stephens presented an inspiring talk for our Kick-off.
  • I am inspired by the creativity of some managers to offer support and create time for staff to complete.
  • Time was a challenge for everyone.
  • I prefer video blogging over typing a blog entry.
  • Some people find it really hard to ask for help.
  • "Beginning with the end in mind" really does work.
  • The entries for the wiki and the RSS feeds need to be reworked. Simple explanation is best.
  • CML staff are interesting. Blog names, honest comments and willingness to help each other really bring depth to work.
  • Playing while learning helps me learn faster.
  • Mistakes get made and we survive.
  • I am surprised at how easy it was to video blog.
  • I regret that I didn't make the time to read and comment on everyone's blog at least once.
  • I am hopeful the next time I am learning about a new technology I will play and have fun with the process.
  • I wonder how CML staff will continue to use the information shown during Learn & Play.
  • The best way to enhance any experience is to make connections with others.
Thanks for participating!

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