Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thing#21: Podcasts

I came to know about podcasts through the knitting world. I'm not certain how it happened but suddenly I was searching for knitting podcasts.

The first knitting podcast was KnitCast and Marie talked about all things knitting for a short time. it was great to have it on my iPod and listen at my convenience.

My preferred reader for the podcasts is iTunes. I have almost 20 'casts that I listen to regularly. Many of those have come via promos on the 'casts that I have heard. I rather enjoy driving, walking, or riding on a play while catching up on my podcasts. iTunes makes it so easy because it automatically updates when there are new podcasts.

A podcast would be another great way to read to children, share Ready to Read information with parents and promote upcoming library events. Posting the podcast on iTunes or one of the other podcasts directories would be simple. Embedding the podcasts on the website would also allow customers to select the experience THEY want with the library. Customized experiences available by reading the information, watching via youtube or listening via a podcast would reach more people. And with some established "guidelines," we could have some freedom in presentation.

Podcasts are my talk radio of choice.

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