Monday, October 6, 2008

Added Bonus with Learn & Play

There were a couple of nice things that I heard about today that I wanted to share. Video is easiest so watch this if you want to hear about the good work that Jimmer provided and how another staff member is using RSS feeds.

RSS feeds is thing #8 and I'm glad the Bill is using the extra time to keep learning! Google Reader is a perfectly fine alternative to Bloglines talked about in the post. Everyone has their preference. Which is yours?

Here's the video I took with Bill and Jimmer. The sound quality is a bit low.

Did you notice Mr Pointy Hand showed up? I wonder if Jimmer wears the hat everytime he helps someone with L&P?

A significant benefit to Learn & Play is the staff helping each other. It's about connecting with people. Sometimes we connect using Web2.0 methods and other times the connection happens by asking for someone for help and then letting them help! Offering to help has its great rewards, too. Jim's tweet shows how a small thing makes a big difference.

Got a story that needs to be told? Post it on your blog and then let me know. Not afraid of the camera, I will come to you to get your story on film!

Thanks to those of you who encourage people to learn every day! There are lots of you, I know. You're doing great stuff for each other and our customers!


HeleneB said...

Big smiles. Your vid and stories from Jimmer really made my day too!

excusememiss said...

gerald2.0! We need you and your street crew at Dublin to get people reenergized. I think my branch is loosing steam for learn and play- come be our cheerleader because they're tired of me badgering them. :p