Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thing#16: Sandbox Wiki

I added a few entries into the Learn & Play wiki without problems once I got my login information correct.

This "thing" has been a bit of challenge for the L&P Team as you see from the comments on the blog. I was able to get my login information quickly by asking for an account.

Once in, I was able to add my blog, favorite children's book, and favorite album. It was easy to do once I took time to look at the page and see the "edit" tab at the top. I like videos to help me learn so I've been looking on youtube. I didn't find any that I like so I email pbwiki directly.

Great customer service from pbwiki support. They quickly sent me a link for their video support page. Editing was the feature that I noticed was needed. That video is here.

Wikis could work.

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jazzmary said...

too much WIKI for me!.. I am trying to find the women's restroom key, help a customer complaining about the copier not working because she did not press the right button, and finding the mother of a *very* active two-year-old. Who got time for this stuff??? (smile)