Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thing#18: Discover Web 2.0 Tools Picnik

Early this week I was chatting with Short and Mighty and LibraryJoy after one of the video sessions for Learn & Play. Short and Mighty mentioned Picnik as a great add-on for flickr. LibraryJoy was sold too about the wonderful aspects of this technology. You can watch this conversation here if you're interested in what happens after the video taping. Picnik is mentioned at about 2:55 into the video. You might like the video for a great conversation about how Learn & Play is helping connecting staff across the system.

That's was I've decided to explore, Picnik. Picnik is a website that lets you edit/correct/manipulate images from a variety of online resources. I've got a flickr account so I'm halfway there. It was very easy to link my flickr account with Picnik and easier to create a collage of existing images.

I've linked this in my delicious account and will refer back to it when I need to do something creative with the photos I've taken. It's quite useful for me personally. I don't know if I would use it enough to purchase the premium resources.

An interesting aside: when a page is loading the loading bar also gives some alternative messages. Very nice addition.

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Maria said...

Love this picture of you!!!