Monday, October 6, 2008

Thing #17: Online Web Apps

I'm sold.
I see the benefit of the online tools. These are great. I got a knitting spreadsheet from a friend awhile back, looked at it once and then forgot it was there. Well, Google Docs makes it easy to have everything in one place, accessible and easy to use.

As I think about work, he many revisions that I go through with monthly reports to the Board or planning for the next presentation would me made easier by storing them "in the clouds." I wouldn't need to bring my laptop home with me everyday. If I can get to the internet, I can get to the documents. That makes me happy.

I also think about how CML has used Grpwrk folder to collect documents that people use across the system. If we used an Online Web App, the version tracking would happen automatically. I like that. I find it tough to remember the naming theory for documents. I'm always going back to the key to makes sure I'm using the right naming convention.

I wonder if there is a way to include customers in the creation of some documents.

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