Monday, September 8, 2008

Need Help? It's here!

Today I had the opportunity to chat with two staff members that are participating in Learn & Play @ CML. I thought I would video part of the conversation so I could share with you.

Erica of Ridiculology notoriety and Jimmer of The Life of Jimmer fame share what they are enjoying about the Learn & Play @ CML activities. It seems that these two might be what is called "early adopters" as they are using some of the things already. Erica wants to help her co-workers and Jimmer wants the really cool incentives. In reality, Jimmer is one of those go-to people about technology at Main Library and he likes that he can share his knowledge. (He's helped me a few times).

What they've learned:
Erica is already using a lot of the things already as a long-time blogger (she goes back to 2006) and flickr member. She's enjoying helping co-workers like Jimmer.
Jimmer appreciated the flickr help from thing #5 and thing #6 . He posted about his experience with flickr here.
Their preferred RSS feed reader is google reader. I still like bloglines. All three of us are right (except I'm more right! *grin*) 'Nuff said. Read Erica's opinion of google reader here and Jimmer's here. Mine is here.

Need help?
Jimmer and Erica are willing to help. Give them a call! They gave me permission to post their email addresses. Remember to replace with the appropriate symbols. @ and . and not spaces.
JBROCHOWSKI (aT) columbuslibrary(d0t)org
EBLASDEL(AT) columbuslibrary (d0t) org

Thanks to Jimmer and Erica for chatting. You want to chat in video about your Learn & Play experience with me? Let me know. I'll come to you! (hats and funny glasses encouraged, other costumes welcome, good attitude and sense of humor required)


DrawU2 said...

you guys are a knockout. Gerald, I think you just get better and better as this goes on. Great job.

Wendy Tressler, CML said...

Loved it!

Wendy Tressler, CML said...

Oh, and I still like My Yahoo. Yes, I really do.