Monday, September 15, 2008

Thing#12: Twitter

So much fun, twitter! Where else can 140 characters be so enchanting (and potentially so time consuming?)

My personal notes about using Twitter:
  • You can be as anonymous as you want to be. Just don't put much in the profile and "protect your updates" to only allow people you want to follow your entries.
  • Explore the Settings page for several options available.
  • It can be a challenge to keep track of all the conversations going on with Twitter. Depending on how many people you follow, conversations grow quickly.
  • You can tweet via your cell phone. Caution! There could be an extra charge on your cell phone to send and receive SMS. Use at your own risk!
  • Twitter (or microblogging in general) can be addicting!
I used Twitter to answer a reference question for a librarian who needed some information. She tweeted a request for details on the origin of a training term. I did a quick search and was able to answer her question using 140 characters in time for her to use as part of a presentation. I thought that was pretty cool!.

Libraries can use Twitter to deliver short bits of information promoting services and books. I also think microblogging would work well on the library website for the most recent updates and going ons at our branches. It's easy to put a twitter feed into a website.

I used Twitter to share updates about branch closings because of the power outages on 9/15/08. In a matter of seconds, information was posted about locations that were OPEN and CLOSED for the day. I also posted about classes that were canceled. This could be very helpful but only when staff have access to the resource. The response was positive from two staff who read the information.

I like following twitter using twitterfox and twirl. These are add-ons or separate programs that you have to download on your computer. Perfect for home computers. Shared computers, not so much. You have to make sure and log out appropriately. (d'oh!)


TypeALibrarian said...

No way to call in to my practicum site today to see if they were open with no power, no phones. I sent a direct message to the technology Director who I follow on Twitter. Was able to learn that they were closed today. God bless Twitter!

Art Vandelay said...

That's a great example of how Twitter can be used.