Monday, September 15, 2008

Thing#9: Finding Feeds

I joined Technorati so I would have another way to find additional blogs and sources of information related to my job. I haven't spent much time with Technorati as I would like, mostly because I would get lost in the exploration and finding out how to use the site.

I still enjoy bloglines as my feeds reader. You noticed in the video post that a few others prefer google reader or myyahoo. I'm glad there is variety out there for people. I'm comfortable with the bloglines and find new reads by linking on people who comment in posts. I've spend many an evening clicking from one blog to another and discovering great resources of information (or fun) that I've added to my bloglines. I still add using the rss feed icon either in the blog entry or in the address field in Firefox.

It's the organizing of the feeds that helps me. One of my folders is called "extra" and has a few of the fun and off topic blogs that I follow. To name a few: The Simple Dollar, the gapingvoid, or the interesting The Art of Manliness. I found the gapingvoid from twitter awhile back. It's hard to remember how I found some of my feeds.

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