Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thing#13: Tagging and Social Bookmarking

I like delicious a lot. It's a very practical solution when I access the internet using multiple computers.

I got introduced to delicious when I moved to OD. What a great resource available and there are so many applications for the research/library setting. We all share computers at work when assisting customers, researching the least expensive resource for cleaning material or compiling information. Tag it correctly and you can find it easily. When I started with delicious, I uploaded all my bookmarks from three computers. I just need to go back and tag them properly.

I like the "do not share" feature because I can put login names for sites. I just have to remember to mark "do not share".

I enjoyed the CommonCraft video and didn't think that I would gain anything from the Otter Group video. I was wrong.

I think the social aspects of tagging (and the web in general) have become more apparent to me working on Learn & Play @ CML. There are so many ways that Libraries can reach (potential) users. I'm finding the potential to use more of the social aspects in some future training sessions. Hmmmm. I am learning how to communicate using these technologies.

I wish I had a delicious account before my computer was stolen about three years ago. Now I have a delicious account and allow it to hold all sorts of bookmarks that won't go away unless someone steals the internet. :)

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