Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thing#8: RSS!

I am so grateful to have RSS. It really does make it easier to keep up to date on information from various resources. I started really using my bloglines account after a knitting buddy of mine posted his bloglines on his knitting blog. I thought, "Wow, that's cool." I got a bloglines account.

When I changed jobs about 15 months ago, I created a bloglines account for items that could be helpful for work topics. You can look at my bloglines account if you want. I have my feeds in folders to help me keep them organized. One of the things I like about bloglines is I can clip or blog interesting posts from my feeds that I might refer too later. It's a nice way to keep a "this might come in handy" folder electronically.

I've only used bloglines for my RSS feeds. I know a couple of people who really like Google Reader. And some people have their RSS feeds in their myYahoo page. Have you used any of these other ones? Why do you like yours?

CML has already taken advantage of some RSS feeds by posting the Columbus Dispatch by including the "Today's News from" The job postings page on the website also gives people an opportunity to create an RSS feed so they can be automatically alerted for new jobs posted. I think it would be great if we could add RSS feeds to our intranet (CMLsi) and show the job postings, upcoming training opportunities and public events.

I think my RSS feeds have saved me time and given me access to so much new information that I would have missed before. I losts time by going out to the blogs to see if anything was newly posted.

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